The Modeling Agency is very pleased to announce that we will be organizing the 2010 Surfing Arts, Sciences and Issues Conference (SASIC 9) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. An all day event to be held on November 13, the conference will bring together a series of noted speakers, researchers, and artists.

Titled Tracing Chaos: Aesthetics in the Surf Zone the seminar will explore the relationships between contemporary art, science and surfing and explore the historical themes and linkages that mark the aesthetics and phenomenology of riding waves.

We have chosen the title Tracing Chaos to evoke our idea that it is the marriage of observation and action that defines surfing, art, and science and this process can be described as a kind of haptic reading of natural phenomenon. In surfing this tracing of the wave is through the board. In art and science it is through an eclectic set of tools: cameras and pencils, sculpted forms and computer modeling. In all forms of tracing the relationship between the eye and the mind is governed by the experience of the body.

This experience of consciousness through the body is what noted philosopher Alva Noe calls "Action in Perception" arguing "Perception is not something that happens to us, or in us. It is something we do."

The popular theme of art and surfing is timely as evidenced by two prominent gallery exhibitions held in the summer of 2010: Endless Bummer/ Surf Elsewhere at Blum and Poe in Los Angeles and Swell at Metro Pictures in New York.

Why this sudden surge in interest in surfing and art? 

SASIC is an ongoing project of the Groundswell Society.